For more than 30 years,
Mitro has been pushing the artistic limits.

His technique, creativity and ever-evolving art have made him a household name in France and internationally.

His art promotes light, color and enhances beauty.

Today, Mitro’s work is critically acclaimed.


The work of French-based artist Mitro has been known to push artistic boundaries for over 30 years. His technique, creativity, and evolving art have made him a household name in France and overseas. His art promotes light, color and highlights beauty. Today, Mitro’s lifetime work is acclaimed by critics and fans alike.

Mitro’s story began in 1957 in Eastern Europe, where he was born and lived for 30 years. His art passion started at a very young age and was encouraged by his parents, who believed in his talent. Therefore, after nourishing his love for an artistic universe since childhood, Mitro decided to join the National University of Arts in Bucharest, where he studied painting, sculpting, photography, design, and art restoration.

After graduating from university, he began to exhibit in his native country, Romania, while restoring and decorating various museums, churches, and theatres. The year 1990 was a touring point for Mitro because he fled to France with his family. For the first time in his life, traveling across the continent submerged him in what will later become his artistic inspiration, style, and ambition.

Indeed, he fell in love with the historical richness and scenery of Venise, which to this day marvels his imagination. After settling in Normandy, Mitro slowly started to explore other beautiful cities, like Paris, London, New York, to name a few, because of the freedom it allowed him. However, success did not come right away because it took a lot of hard work and determination.

Starting with 1995, he decided to devote his time entirely to his art and have exhibitions in France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany. At the beginning of the year 2000, things accelerated for him due to his tenacity and meaningful encounters.

Today, Mitro is part of an art scene that respects and honors him. He turned out to be a success story amongst national and international clients and galleries.His paintings have been shown worldwide, starting with France, then the USA, Canada, Brasil, Mexico, South Africa, Singapore, Japan, The United Arab Emirates, and other major European countries. Mitro’s ideas are evolving, and he is relentlessly working on adding value to his work and inspire people. After three decades of doing what he loves most, the passion is still there. It showed in his work when he first started, and it shows in his work today. His paintings are his vision, his world, and his imagination.

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